Water week activities taking place this week at school include;
  • JC1 groups taking part in water relay Wednesday and Thursday with their class tutors.  This will be a team building and raising awareness activity. 
  • There will also be school viewing of information video links and extra information and footage from Development Education and Green schools.
  • We’ll have art badges with water facts from LC1, hand made droplets from the craft group and lyrics n related songs n rhymes from JC2 .
  • Science classes will watch documentary relevant eco eye research and build water purification models. Lessons from geography on coastal erosion and home economics domestic water usage are also being displayed.
  • Green schools committee will available to facilitate the relay at the pitch and measure their water saving and wastage there. There are quizzes, posters, videos, inventions and displays.

1st year Home Ec class experimenting with ways to make their 2 litres water

(daily reference intake) more palatable