What is VSware?

VSware is the school’s student management system. It allows management to organise timetables and class lists. It allows teachers to call class registers, enter grades and send texts to you among other things. As parents, the system allows you to view your child’s timetable, attendance and exam results from first year.

How do I log in to it?

To log in to the system you can follow the link on the home page of the school’s website. Clicking on the link below or copying it into the address bar on your browser will also get you there.


You will have been texted a login at some stage that will give you access. If it is your first time logging on you will need to enter the login and click the Create or Reset your Password link. This will allow you to create your own password. If you forget your password you will need to reset it yourself. The school does not have access to your password and cannot reset it for you.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to reset your password if you forget it.