Special Educational Needs:

Up until June 2017 supports for students with recognised special educational needs will be provided to eligible students who qualify for support under criteria laid down by the National Council for Special Education.


The allocation of SEN hours has changed since August 2017. The provision for students with special educational needs includes team-teaching, one-to-one tuition, small group tuition and reduced class size in English and Maths (where feasible). Our SEN Support teachers work closely with students, their parents/guardians, other teachers, the SENO, educational psychologists and other professionals and agencies. Full-time SEN teachers are Ms. Siobhan Maguire and Ms. Caroline Noctor.



A guidance service is provided for all students. The college Guidance Counsellor is Ms. Eileen Codd. She advises students on programme and subject choice at school. She also provides information and advice in relation to careers, further education/training and third level education.


Students who are experiencing difficulties which are preventing them from studying or participating fully in school life are encouraged to make an appointment with Ms Codd.


Student Support:

The college operates both a Year Head and a Tutor system. Additional supports are provided by our Career Guidance Teacher, Meitheal Leaders, the Student Support Team, HSCL Co-ordinator, two Special Education Needs teachers, and SCP staff.