Every year for Space Week the Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork takes a photo for us. We already have the Moon and we got Saturn last year. So this is a unique photo just for our school.
What you are seeing in the attached is the planet Jupiter, with dark bands on it representing the stripes. Because Jupiter is so bright through our scope, we need to dial down the luminosity to see these bands. When we do this, we lose our view of the 4 largest moons.
These images (image 1 and image 2) were taken on two different nights, so the moons have changed position.
What’s really cool about the individual black and white image you’ve received is the fact that we can stack multiple images and adjust them to represent different wavelengths of light. When we do this, we can generate a crisper, colour image like this one below. (Image 3). This was actually the first image processed from the massive telescope at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory over a decade ago! (Image 4)
The attached photograph is unique to your class! (Image 5) Our astrophotographers, Alan and Danielle captured multiple images over the course of several nights to ensure everyone who requested an image received one of their very own. They were captured using a large, 16-inch-diameter telescope stationed on the roof of CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork. Images as saved in PDF doc attached.