Hi all,

As face to face Parent Teacher meetings are not an option this year, we are going to hold them online through Microsoft Teams. You can use your own Teams account which can be downloaded to your phone, tablet or laptop, or you can use your son/daughter’s school Teams account. 

How does it work?

Please click on the button below to enter your child’s ID (previously texted) and view the timetable for tonight’s meeting.

See how it works (video)

How to find my child’s VSware ID

I can’t log in to VSware

If you would like help please ring Eileen Codd, HSCL, on 0872943530.

What happens next?

Click on the button below to see the list of links to teachers’ meetings.

How long is each meeting?

Each meeting will be 5 minutes long. While it is probably that you will have plenty of breaks, some teachers will have none due to the large volume of parents to see. For this reason it is very important that you are on time and the meeting finishes on time.

What if I have a problem during the meeting?

From the research I have conducted, the feedback from parents who have used this system is very positive and there have been very few problems. Most problems are device specific and trying out the sample link at the top of the page here should alert you to any potential problems that may occur on the night. In the unlikely event that you run into difficulty, we will be available in school to help out if I can. 0539135257

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