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Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings are an essential part of the communication process between parents and teachers. This happens once a year in a formal setting in the school gym. They allow for face to face conversations about the progress of your child and gives you as a parent the opportunity to get to know your child's teacher and ask questions about the subject and what they are learning in class.

It is important to remember that meetings must be respectful and conducted in a professional matters. Issues of dispute should be brought up at the earliest possible time through the school principal and not left until the Parent Teacher meeting where the focus is on the child and their progress.

On arrival you will be asked to sign in. The school is required to keep records of attendance and take measures to try to encourage as many parents in to the school as possible. Below is an extract from our DEIS plan* that related to this.


You will receive a list of all of your Child's subjects and teachers and a section on the back to record your feedback. It is important that you discuss the outcome of your individual meetings with your child when you go home and while it is fresh. Keep your notes and compare with the next meeting or with winter or summer reports. Remember, feedback is only useful if it is acted on!

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* Full DEIS Plan can be accessed here!

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