Message 11-05-2021

Dear Parent,

Just a couple of important announcements. I will be doing these through the app in future so please make sure you have downloaded it and make sure that notifications are turned on. Chick here for instructions on installing the app if you have not already done so. Please contact the office if you are having difficulty.

Signing Out

Students are signing out in large numbers recently. This puts huge pressure on the Admin staff so we would ask that students only sign out for legitimate purposes, dentist appointments etc. When signing your out, please use the app.

  1. All parents / guardians should be submitting a note in advance on the app to notify the school that the student will be leaving.
  2. The student comes to reception at the sign out time. Your note on the school app will be approved by admin staff and then the student will be able to sign out on the tablet. You will be notified that your son/daughter has signed out.
  3. Parents should not come into the school and the student leaves to meet you outside.
  4. For students signing out due to feeling unwell, they must contact you through the office. We need to know if students are unwell.

Communications Survey

 We are developing a communications policy and would very much like your feedback. Please click on the link below to complete this short survey.

Click here for the Communications Survey

School Finishing Date

The Department of Education has informed us that school will finish up for the summer on Friday 28 May.


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Many thanks,

A Power