On Wednesday November 30th four senior cycle students: Thompson, Ceira Whelan, Rachel Reid and Sophie Roche) attended the Irish Second Level Student Union Regional Council in Trinity College. We were delighted to be given the opportunity to attend this event. Our school is lucky enough to be a member of the ISSU (Irish Second Level Union), thanks to the hard work of Miss Foley and Miss McDermott. Being a member of the union allows us to communicate freely with our educational officer on advice on how to handle certain situations we might encounter while being involved with the Student Council, also they will provide personalised training to our Student Council team.

At the ISSU Regional Council we talked about many topical issues, we made decisions based on what we thought would be of benefit for both students and staff members. Some of the topics which we discussed were transitions from second-level to third level, women in leadership, private school fees and privatisation of education, LGBT+ supports and anti-homophobic bullying, when we were discussing each topic we were broken up into smaller groups as there was over 50 in attendance. Our opinions were listened to, we were allowed change what the ISSU do regarding each topic.

The whole event was run extremely well, it gave me the feeling that people’s opinions are going to be listened and that we can make change within our educational system. They may be small little things but they certainly matter.

Another benefit from the day was that it allowed me to mix with other students from other schools allowing us to better understand what are the functions of the student council and help us form the ideas needed that have been proven to work in other schools that hopefully we can adopt and run them in Bridgetown College.

Sean Thompson (LC2)