Since enrollment, parents and students coming to Bridgetown College in September may have changed their subject preferences.

Parents can enter subject preferences for their children through our student administration system using the login and password previously provided. Please click on the VSware link above or below to get to the login screen. The option to do this will remain open until Monday 27th of May. Once entered, choices can be amended up to this date as many times as you like. Please note, the system is not supported by all mobile phone browsers so it may be necessary to log in from a laptop or PC or use a different browser on your phone.

Please note, as Science is compulsory it has been pre-entered as your first choice and must remain so.

For information on all Junior Cycle subjects please click here.

If you have any difficulties logging in or otherwise, please contact Mr Power on 0539135257 any weekday between 9:00 am and 4:oo pm..