Student Devices

Our student devices are all up and running and teachers are increasingly building their use into their lesson plans. We have ironed out the issues in relation to access for Wriggle to the ETBs network and we will be opening the shop one more time for the current cohort of students. The shop will be open until Thursday 30 November so if you wish to avail of the device, please get your order in before this date. Click on the link below for details. We hope to take delivery before Christmas if orders are in by the 30th of November. The login code for our school is 32936177

Many thanks,

A Power

Please see the presentation from the evening in school on Wednesday 14 June below

Thank you to all who could make it and we were delighted to welcome such a huge crowd in to the school. Please click on the image below for the presentation we went through on the evening. 


Q: Where can I get information about the devices?

A: By clicking on the link above, the Parents Pack should have all of the information you need.

Q: My child uses assistive technology in primary school, which was provided for her by the school, will this be available to her for secondary school.

A: Devices currently provided by the primary school will travel with the students when they move to Bridgetown College. If it is old enough to need upgrading, we will deal with this in September. Any new applications for assistive technology will require the purchase of the Wriggle device by the Department. This will be organised by the school. Please contact us to arrange it and we will liaise with the SENO. 

Q: Is it essential to purchase the laptop?

A: It is not mandatory to purchase the laptop this year. Your child will be able to do homework as assignments etc without it. However, with more and more class notes and resources being put up on Teams and OneNote, the educational advantages are significant. First Year students will not be allowed mobile phones in school so it is important to note that students who do not have a device may not be fully able to participate in all activities, or at least participate in a different way. 

Q: Do I have to buy E-Books?

A: No. You do not have to buy E-Books. Our book rental scheme will operate as normal. In some cases, teachers will tell students that it is okay to leave books at home for reference purposes as they will use the device in school. One way or another, your child will have access to physical books as required under our book rental scheme. 

Q: Will students be able to use their phone at break times and does this apply to other years?

A: No. For incoming first year students there will be a complete phone ban in school time. Break and lunch times are often when students get themselves into trouble for inappropriate use and they also discourage social interactions. We are looking at implementing the school on a whole school basis but no firm decision has been made on this yet. 

Q: The window to order the devices is very short. Can this be extended. 

A: The online shop has been closed. This is normal procedure for the company. If you still wish to purchase, the school will be meeting with wriggle to see what the procedure is in that case. The school will communicate with you in the coming weeks in relation to this. 

Q: How much extra does the facility to pay over 36 months cost?

As with all finance, the finance provider will take a share to fund their operation. Over the 36 months the total without hard case is €780.84. To buy straight out without the case is 656.99. This includes the Wriggle support which is mandatory to maintain the device. With a case it is €869.40 over 36 months and 706.98 to buy outright.

Q: If I buy the device outright, am I still supported by Wriggle?

A: Absolutely. If you buy the device outright, you are still fully supported. There is no difference other than there is a large upfront payment. 

Q: My child has a fairly new device. Can it be used in school?

A: Yes. Alternative devices can be used at school. There may be limitations in some of the functions however as the school devices come reinstalled with safety elements and the student profile and Office365 already set up. If your child is using their existing device, they can download the full Microsoft Office Suite on to it for free and on up to 4 other devices. This is the only software currently needed for school. 

Q: Wriggle are asking for a school code please could we have this ? I am unsure on how else to order these or which device would suit first years ?

A: The school code in on the Parents Pack that you can access by clicking on the link above. Once you are in, you can only buy one device. Hard case and insurance are optional.. 

Next Incoming First year Meeting, Wednesday 14 June, 7:30 in school.


School Transport

Please click on the link below for information on registering for the school bus for September.

School Transport


School Supports

Thank you for the time taken to assist in the transition process for your son/daughter. If there are any other materials or information that you feel might be useful to have here, please do not hesitate to let us know. Taking care of your child and their wellbeing is a priority for our school. To that end, the school will have in place for September:-

Meitheal Leaders – who are current LC2 students who will help with any problems or queries your child might have when they enter the school;

Class tutor – who is a teacher that teaches your child. This role is pastoral in nature and gives the student easy access to a teacher to discuss any problems they may be having.

Year Head – who will be the head of year for 1st year and will make sure that students settle into our school and she is there to guide and advise their year group.

Guidance Counsellors – Ms Browne, Ms Sinnott and Ms Cullen are always available to speak to students and steer them in the right direction.

Home School Community Liaison – Ms Norris, our HSCL, is always available to help students and their families.

School Management – We are always here to support your child. 

If you want a little peek around our lovely school, watch the videos below.

Kindest regards,

Adrian Power – Principal

Anne Cullen – Deputy Principal



Video 4 – Tour of our Green Building (ASD) 





Click on the link above to find out something not addressed in the FAQs. We will update this page with the answer as soon as possible.

Q & A for incoming First Year Students

When do First Year students start school?

First Year students will be in on Monday 28 August and Tuesday 29 August. These are induction days where you will meet your class tutor and year head. You will receive all of your books and a locker to put them in. You will also meet your Meitheal Leaders. They are Leaving Cert 2 students who will be assigned to your class for first year and will be there to help you out in any way they can. There will also be activity afternoons which will allow students to get to know each other. 

Where can I get my uniform?

Uniforms are available in Wallaces, Wellingtonbridge, Hore’s Stores and Shaws in Wexford town.
Our uniform consists of a plain pale blue shirt, a blue jumper with the school crest and navy trousers (or skirt for girls) and a navy jacket with the school crest. To allow for laundering and/or accidents students need at least two of each of the uniform items listed above.

Students are required to wear completely plain black shoes or navy deck shoes.

A school jacket is now included in the school uniform. Alternative jackets may not be worn at school.

In PE classes students wear a track-suit bottom or shorts, a tee-shirt and non-marking runners. Students may need swimming togs from time to time. Students should bring a towel for showering.

If I live near the school can I go home at lunch time?

Yes. Students living in Bridgetown can apply to go on the Lunch List if they wish to go home for a home cooked lunch. These forms are available in the main office and should be returned to the deputy principal for ratification. Students can only go their home and a parent(s) must be available to supervise them. Students may not go to any other relative’s house and may not bring friends with them. It only applies to lunch time, not small break and it is not a pass to go to the shop.

When will I know what choice subjects I have been assigned?

Students will receive their timetables via our school MIS, VSware a week or two before they start. Instructions on how to log in were previously provided to enter subject preferences but we will be reminding parents of how to do this at our information session on the 2snd of August. The preferences are based on preferences entered before the summer. If a student wishes to apply for a change of subject, they must see the deputy principal. Students have been given their preferences in so far as is possible. However, due to space restrictions in classes it is not always possible to get everyone everything they wanted and changes cannot always be accommodated. Change of subject requests will be entertained until the end of September.

How much do I have to pay?

There is a miscellaneous fee of €95 for all students covering 24 hour student personal insurance, locker rental/maintenance, student journal, photocopying and other fixed costs incurred by the school. There is a book rental fee of €145 that covers rental of the majority of books for the three years of Junior Cycle and a calculator. €25 of this is returned at the end of the three years if the books are returned in good condition. The calculator remains the student’s property.

How can I make these payments?

These payments are made through the school’s online payment system called Way2Pay. You will be sent a link to give you access. Almost all of the schools payments are now done through this portal.

Can my child bring a mobile phone to school?

Yes. However we do not recommend they bring in new phones or phones that are valuable. The school is not responsible for loss or damage to students’ property. The phone must be powered off and out of view at all times during the school day. Some teachers might give permission for students to use their phones for subject related activities. Phones will be confiscated if they are out when they should not be for the rest of the day in the first instance and for 72 hours for the second and subsequent offences. You will receive a letter after your child’s phone has been confiscated for the first time. Taking photographs or videos in school is forbidden.

What are the school opening times?

The school day is from 9:00am to 4:00pm on Monday to Thursday and from 9:00am to 1:20pm on Friday. It is not always possible to contact the school at break time and lunchtime as the office is not staffed for these periods. Click here for a more detailed timetable. 

What time does school start? 

School Starts at 9:00am

What time does school finish? 

School finishes Monday at 3:58pm on Monday to Thursday and 1:12pm on Friday.

How many classes will I have in a school day? 

There are 6 x 58 minute classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.   

There are 4 x 58 minute classes on Friday. 

Tutor time is for 15 minutes Monday to Friday.

When do we get our breaks? 

You get 2 breaks per day 

  • Morning Break (15 Minutes) 
  • Lunch Break  (40 Minutes)

Can I leave the school grounds at lunch time? 

No, students are not allowed to leave the grounds during break times.  An exception may be made for students who live near to the school and can go home for lunch (not break)These students must have had a consent form signed by their parents/guardians. They will receive a card that they must have with them when they go home for lunch.

Where do I eat my lunch? 

You can eat your lunch in the school canteen.   

Can I buy lunch in the school canteen? 

Yes, you can buy lunch in the school canteen.   

How much does lunch cost? 

There is a subsidised lunch available to all students which costs 1.50.  For example, a filled roll and a piece of fruit.  There is a subsidised hot food selection each day for €2. Other choices are available outside of the lunch scheme. 

Can students get breakfast before school starts? 

Yes, there is a breakfast which is free of charge, available for students who are in early. The canteen is open from 8am.

How many subjects will I be studying in first year? 

Core Subjects: All of these subjects will be studied in first year.

English, Maths, Irish (unless you have an Irish exemption), History, Science, Social Personal Health Education (SPHE), Civic Social and Political Education (CSPE), Religion, Physical Education, Digital Literacy, Careers and Climate Change.

Optional Subjects: Students will study 3 optional subjects from the following list to be confirmed. 

Wood Technology, Engineering, French, Spanish, Geography, Applied Technology, Home Economics, Business Studies, Music, Graphics and Visual Art.

Students are surveyed before they start school to identify their preferences for optional subjects. 

Can I change an optional subject after I start school in first year? 

If you want to change optional subjects you/your parents or guardians should speak with the Deputy Principal.  It may not be possible to change because there may not be room in the class that you wish to change to. In this case your name will be placed on a waiting list in case that a place becomes available. 

Do I have to buy all my school text books? 

There is a book rental scheme in the school which covers all the main text books required for the first three years of school. Information about the book rental scheme will be sent to parents/guardians of incoming first years before the start of the school year. 

When do I get my school text books? 

Students are given their books on the first day of school, and this includes a School Journal. 

When do I get my timetable? 

Students get two copies of their timetable on the first day of school, one they put on the back of their locker door and the other they hold onto. The timetable will tell you what classes you have each day, the name of the teacher that you have for each class and the room number where the class will be held. 

How do I keep track of my homework? 

Every student is required to have a Homework Journal, and you are given time at the end of class to write your homework into your Journal. 

Do students get lockers? 

Yes, on the first day of school students get their lockers. 

When can I go to my locker? 

You can go to your school locker at set times throughout the school day to organise the books that you need for classes.   

In the morning before school starts, during the morning break, during lunch break and at the end of the school day. 

Do I need to bring home all the books that I used during the day? 

You only need to bring home books that you need for written homework or work that you have been given to learn. Books that you do not need can be left in your locker. 

What kind of sports can I participate in while at Bridgetown College? 

Students participate in Gaelic football, hurling, camogie, soccer, rugby, handball, basketballathletics as well as equestrian events. 

Can I participate in any other extracurricular activities? 

Yes.  Several lunch time activities are offered to students.  An example of these are choir, orchestra, crafts, table tennis, creative writing and chess. Our Library will be open every day for students who wish to do homework or read in a quiet environment. 

Can I use my phone in school? 

No, you are not allowed use the phone any time except during class time where requested to by your teacher for classwork.   

When is the parent teacher meeting for first years and how does it work? 

The parent teacher meeting for first years is usually held in the first term of school. It is held at the end of the school day, in the school Gym. 

On arrival to the Gym parents/guardians are given a list of teachers that their son /daughter has for class. Teachers are seated around the Gym in alphabetical order and parents/guardians queue to speak with them. 

Under COVID restrictions we will conduct Parent / Teacher meetings online through Microsoft Teams.

How do I find my way around the school? 

There is a map of the school in the School Journal, and on your first day in the school the Meitheal Leaders bring students on a tour of the building. First years need never worry about getting lost because there is always someone to show you where classrooms are. Your timetable will have on it details about which room you should go to for each class. 

What is a Meitheal Leader? 

Meitheal Leaders are leaving certificate students who help first years settle into school. They meet you regularly during the first term of school, and assist with organising activities for students that help them to get to know other students in their class and how the school operates. 

What staff other than subject teachers will be working with first years? 

Students meet their subject teachers when they are timetabled for them. In addition, students work with other staff members which include:- 

Year Head 

Each year group has a Year Head. The Year Head looks after the care and development of the students in their year group. Parents can contact The Year Head if they want to discuss issues relating to the overall progress of a student. 

Class Tutor 

Each class group has a Tutor, who is one of their subject teachers. Tutors are the link person for students in each class group.  Students can speak to the class tutor about anything they are unsure about. 

School Guidance Counsellor 

The school Guidance Counsellor is available to all students, and supports them with making personal, social and career related choices. Students or their parents/guardians can make an appointment to speak with the counsellor. 

Special Education Teaching Co-ordinator  (SETCO) 

The SETCO helps co-ordinate learning supports for students Students or their parents/guardians can make an appointment to speak with the SETCO If they need support with school work. 

Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) 

Special needs assistants assist a small number of students in some classes.  They are there to support the teachers as well as the students.  

School Uniform 

Do I have to wear a school uniform? 

Yes.  There is a school uniform for Bridgetown College.  Details of this have been provided. 

Where can I get more information if I need it? 

You can get more information by ringing the school on 053 9135257 or sending an email to There is also a wealth of useful information on this website.

What if I cannot find the answers I need here?

Simple. Click on the link below and enter your question. We will then add the question to this list. Add in you email if you want a personal answer!!!

What else does my child need for first year?

The first year book list has the details of what stationary and copies etc are necessary. This book list is also on this website. Click Here.

Can I buy the books myself?

This is not an option as we automatically buy the amount of books necessary. We do not have the administrative services to differentiate between people who want to but the books outright and not. If you feel very strongly that you wish to do this please contact the office. The book rental scheme costs a fraction of what it would cost to buy all of the books outright. 

Is Transition Year compulsory?

No, Transition year is not compulsory in Bridgetown College.

What do we mean by “Reports” when we ask for them to be given to us?

Some students have educational reports that help to inform the school of the learning needs of the school. Some students also have official exemptions from the study of Irish. this is important information for the school as it allows us to properly cater to the needs of all of our students.