05 September 2020

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Information for LC class of 2020

Information About the Issuing of the Leaving Cert Results

Dear Parent & Graduate,

The results of the 2020 Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades will issue at 9.00 a.m. on Monday 7th September. The purpose of this e-mail is to outline to you the key dates and events associated with the calculated grades resulting process and to inform you of the next stages.

Key Dates

The following grid outlines the key dates associated with the 2020 Calculated Grades process.

7th September at 9.00 am

Results of the Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme and Leaving Certificate Applied Calculated Grades will issue.

7th September

UCAS offers received by students

11th September

Deadline for return of Forms A, B, C and D, reconciliation sheet (where applicable) and school sign-off form to the Calculated Grades Executive Office.

11th September

CAO first round offers

14th September

Students can access their estimated percentage mark and calculated mark through the student portal.

14th September

Appeals application process open to students through the student portal from 9.00 a.m.

16th September

Appeals application process closes at 5.00 p.m.

23rd September

CAO round 2 offers

Accessing Results 

Students will have access to their results from 9.00 am on the Calculated Grades Student Portal.

Leaving Certificate students will have access to their results through the student portal, from 9.00 a.m. on Monday 7th September, from which they will also have the option to print a statement of provisional results.

Leaving Certificate Applied students can access their results through the student portal but they will not have the facility to print a statement of provisional of results.

A statement of results for each Leaving Certificate Applied Year 2 student will also be sent to the school. We will send these out to you.

Access to Data.

The Calculated Grades Student Portal will reopen on 14th September at 9.00 am and will provide students with the percentage marks they were awarded by the Calculated Grades process. They will also be able to access the estimated percentage marks provided by their schools. Students may wish to have access to and consider this data if they are considering an appeal of their Calculated Grade. 

Appeals Process

Students unhappy with their Calculated Grades results will have access to an appeals process. The appeals process will be an administrative process and students may not appeal against the information provided on their behalf by the school as these have already been subjected to a school alignment process and oversight by the school principal.

Students may lodge an appeal through the student portal from 9.00 a.m. on Monday 14th September to 5.00 p.m. on Wednesday 16th September.

Stage1: Checks will be undertaken to ensure that the intended information was recorded correctly by the school and that the information was transferred correctly into the data collection system.

Stage 2: There will also be a review to ensure that the data was correctly received and processed in the national standardisation process conducted by the Department.

Data checks will include a check to ensure that the rank order of the class group for the subject and level taken has been preserved in the standardisation process and that students placed on the same school-estimated mark in the same subject and at the same level taken by the school are conferred with the same calculated mark conferred by the Department.

Stage 3: Students unhappy with the outcome of this process can seek a review by Independent Appeal Scrutineers.

All students will have the opportunity to sit the postponed Leaving Certificate Examinations which are scheduled to begin on 16th November subject to public health advice.

Standardisation process

The standardisation process is an iterative statistical modelling, which by its very nature, is an evolving model. The technical detail of the modelling will be published after the completion of the process.

Research makes clear that because teacher judgments are made in the context of each school, they need to be examined and adjusted at a national level to ensure comparability across different schools and that a common national standard is applied.

Schools will have taken different approaches to providing estimated percentage marks for their students. While clear guidance was provided to schools in avoiding bias during the process of estimating marks for their students, it is inevitable that some schools will have been overly harsh in their estimations while others will have been overly generous. This is to be expected given that there is no national standard on which to base an estimated mark.

The standardisation process brings schools into line with each other across a national standard. This results in some estimated marks being reduced while others will be increased. This process will also ensure that the results issued in 2020 will have the same status as those issued in previous or future years.

Student Support

It is recognised that for the Leaving Certificate class of 2020 the tradition of coming back to school to celebrate the results with teachers and classmates on the day that the results issue will not be the same as in previous years.

In recognising the unique set of circumstances for those students who receive calculated grades in 2020, our Guidance teacher, Ms Sinead Browne, will be available to support students on the day and in the following number of days either in person strictly through appointment or on the phone or email. These planned interactions with students are intended to support well-being and to discuss future education and career options, but there should be no discussions about school estimated marks submitted as part of the calculated grades process. Any questions or queries in this regard should be directed to the Calculated Grades helpline/email.

The well-being of the students who receive the calculated grades will be supported through a number of additional measures.

  1. The Leaving Certificate student helpline, at 1800 265 165, which is provided by the National Parents Council post-primary will be available from 11.00 am on 7 September for students to reach a guidance counsellor with any queries that they may have.  This helpline will operate until after the CAO first round offers and is staffed by qualified guidance counsellors. Further details can be found at https://www.npcpp.ie/leaving-cert-helpline/
  2. HSE/HSE-funded service providers will be available to support students through the provision of e-mental health services. https://www2.hse.ie/wellbeing/mental-health/covid-19/minding-your-mental-health-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak.html  
  3. Wellbeing resources developed by the National Educational Psychological Service are available at www.gov.ie/leavingcert 
  4. CGEO helpline will be available at 1800 111135 or 1800 111136 from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm from Monday 7 September to Wednesday 16 September. Outside of these hours queries may be e-mailed to lcsupport2020@education.gov.ie. Please note this helpline is provided for queries relating to the Calculated Grades results only and cannot provide advice on any other matters.
  5. Information available from the Central Applications Office (CAO) at www.cao.ieCAO) at www.cao.ie

More information to follow over the weekend.

Enniscorthy Vocational College Post Leaving Cert Courses

Application Form PLC Enniscorthy Vocational College

Letter re-PLC courses in Enniscorthy Vocational College

Flyer Enniscorthy VC


Some useful college virtual open day information 

UCD SUMMER SCHOOL 2020 (5th Year Students)
Event Date:     02 June 2020  – 05 June 2020
Location:               On-campus: UCD Belfield.
Event  Information:
Learn, explore, and experience University College Dublin by attending our 2020 Virtual Summer School.  If you are considering UCD for 2020 or 2021, join us online from 2 – 5 June for some information packed, interactive webinars. Meet our lecturers and student ambassadors, ask questions and find out more about your chosen subject area.
Registration will open on 18th May 2020. If you wish to be kept informed and added to our notification list please fill out the form on their website.

Portlaoise Institute Virtual Open Day
26th May at 6pm on the Portlaoise Institute Facebook Page
Lecturers will discuss their courses/ modules and this will be followed by a Live Q and A and the end.

Carlow IT Virtual Open Day, which takes place on Friday 29th May from 10.30am to 4pm
At Institute of Technology Carlow, we’re not letting the COVID-19 restrictions get in the way of helping you make a more informed decision about this institute and the right course for you. That is why we have decided to bring IT Carlow to you by way of our Virtual Open Day, which takes place on Friday 29th May from 10.30am to 4pm.
You will have an opportunity to enjoy our campus tour, hear our students tell their stories, discuss the fees, grants and supports available to you, find out about our academic and sports scholarships, participate in live Q&A sessions with a team of experts, and get the best advice and tips on applying to IT Carlow. There is so much to experience.  For more information, go to: https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=17268&d=4rLF3pvFe5QH5798AU2rAIAIqK2Lb_Ehfvc26qQCTg&s=878&u=https%3a%2f%2fwww%2eitcarlowvirtualopenday%2eie%2f

LYIT online events happening now:
2-4pm Thursday 21 May: LYIT School of Science Virtual Open Day (Science/Nursing/Early Years/ Vet. Nursing/ Agriculture/ Computing)
2-4pm Friday 22 May: LYIT Student Support Services, Student Accommodation and Admissions Office Virtual Open Day
For more information go to:  https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=17268&d=4rLF3pvFe5QH5798AU2rAIAIqK2Lb_EhfqZn7vJZHA&s=878&u=https%3a%2f%2fopenday%2elyit%2eie%2f

Institute of Tecnhology, Carlow
The Institute of Technology, Carlow provides a number of Sports Scholarships to students of exceptional sporting ability for each academic year. The Scholarships afford the elite sports person the opportunity to compete at the highest level while pursuing a course of academic study in Carlow. They ensure that talented and committed student athletes are fully supported during their time studying at the Institute of Technology, Carlow, Wicklow and Wexford campuses. For more information: https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=17268&d=4rLF3pvFe5QH5798AU2rAIAIqK2Lb_EhfqA17vAPHw&s=878&u=https%3a%2f%2fwww%2eitcarlow%2eie%2fstudy%2fschool-leavers%2fscholarships%2fsports-scholarships%2ehtm%3ffbclid%3dIwAR3EsGR7RZmPOLnBZZqXRqBZDpm5Vh44qaQnzw-Y6fsBAREdyW99Zi8LrSY

Maynooth College Events
We have our next Virtual Open Day coming up on Saturday June 27th, in Partnership with Maynooth University: https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=17268&d=4rLF3pvFe5QH5798AU2rAIAIqK2Lb_EhfvA3vqMIHA&s=878&u=https%3a%2f%2fmaynoothcollege%2eie%2fvirtual-open-day
We are also offering Virtual School Presentations via either Zoom or Teams: https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=17268&d=4rLF3pvFe5QH5798AU2rAIAIqK2Lb_EhfqI37KQITQ&s=878&u=https%3a%2f%2fmaynoothcollege%2eie%2fnews-events%2f2020%2fvirtual-school-presentations


1916 Bursary Fund – Scholarship

1916 Bursary Fund South Cluster SOAR Project Info Flyer 2021

I am delighted to bring to your attention the opening of the 1916 Bursary Fund for the South Cluster of higher education institutions for the 2020/2021 academic year. The Fund was established by the Department of Education and Skills to encourage the participation and success of students most socio-economically disadvantaged and from within groups significantly under-represented in higher education; it offers an annual bursary of €5,000 to successful applicants.

The South Cluster is comprised of the following higher education institutions: Cork Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Carlow, Institute of Technology Tralee, University College Cork and Waterford Institute of Technology, the cluster will award 35 bursaries in 2020/2021.

The 1916 Bursary Fund targets students entering higher education for the first time in 2020/2021 that:

  1. a) experience socio-economic disadvantage (meet the SUSI Special Rate criteria)


  1. b) belong to at least one of the following target groups:
  • Socio-economic groups with low participation in higher education
  • Socio-economically disadvantaged area
  • Student with a disability
  • Lone parent with a DEASP means-tested payment
  • Irish Traveller
  • First time, mature student entrant
  • QQI Further Education award entrant
  • Ethnic minorities lawfully present in the State.

The online Application (Part I) opens on 07 May 2020 at www.soarforaccess.ie/1916-bursary-fund/. The closing date will be approximately five weeks after the 2020 CAO Leaving Cert Round One offers. Once a student accepts a place in a South Cluster HEI, they will receive an email inviting them to complete the online Application (Part II). This will involve providing additional information and uploading supporting documentation. One application will cover all five South Cluster HEIs.

For further information please see www.soarforaccess.ie/1916-bursary-fund/, for queries please email 1916BursaryQueries@soarfoaraccess.ie

I have attached an information e-flyer and would appreciate if you could circulate it to Leaving Cert students / parents or indeed other target group students you are in contact with. 

With thanks and regards,

Aisling McHugh,

Access Officer.



Events for TY and 5th year students

  • Virtual Spring events: We will run more virtual information sessions over the coming weeks, suitable for TY and 5th year students. Parents and guidance counsellors are also welcome to attend. Please register here for an information session. We welcome individual registrations and requests for sessions with class groups.
  • Events for next Autumn: . Some early birds have already been in touch requesting visits/tours/ fair attendance for next year, so I’ve included our 2020-21 request form here. Please fill in this short form to add your request here to our database. We’ll get back to you closer to the time when we have a better idea of school/college re-opening dates and potential longer term travel restrictions. We will also continue to offer virtual information sessions next year. We also have a virtual campus tour coming soon!

College Entry Advice With Voice Over

College Entry Advice Slides Only

Selskar College Post Leaving Cert Courses talk

On the 21/02/2010 LCA2,LCA1,LC2 students were given a presentation on the post-leaving certificate courses available in Selskar College. Forty eight students attended the talk. They were given information on each course available, the methods of assessment, progression routes after the PLC course, the advantages of completing a PLC course and how to apply. The courses available are;

  1. Reception & Administration
  2. Business Studies
  3. Office & Computer Skills
  4. Payroll & Accounts Skills
  5. Hospitality & Tourism
  6. Early Childhood Care & Education
  7. Healthcare Support
  8. Nursing Studies
  9. Applied Social Studies (with SNA option)
  10. Art Craft Design
  11. Pre-3rd Level

Also we were reminded of the Open Day for PLC’s this Thursday Jan 23rd from 2-5pm.

A huge thank you to the PLC tutors from Selskar College for coming out to the school today and for giving us an insight into student life in Selskar!


Carlow Institute of Technology facebook (002)


Waterford Institute of Technology Open Day


Today 22/11/2019 45 of our LC2 students attended Waterford Institute of Technology Open Day. It was held in the Sports Arena and the students could discuss courses with lecturers and students. Students also got the opportunity to travel up and explore the main campus.

The picture below features Molly Kavanagh (on the right) a past pupil of Bridgetown College studying law in WIT.


Trip to Waterford Training Centre on the 19/11/2019

LCA1 and LCA2 students from Bridgetown College attended Waterford Training Centre for a presentation and a tour of the training centre.


The teachers and students received information on craft apprenticeships.We attended workshops in: Brick and Stone-laying, Classic Car Restoration, Agricultural Mechanics, Sheet Metalworking, Industrial Insulation, Plumbing, Metal Fabrication, Electrical, Plastering, Mechanical Automation and Fitting. The students got to hear all about the courses available on site from the tutors. A huge thank you to all the staff for the great experience and wonderful day.

Ms. S Browne

Room to Create

On the 21st of March 2019 students from JC2 to LC2 were given the opportunity to attend a talk about the ‘Room to Create’ project. Twenty- two students attended the event, held in the library. This creative project will take place over Easter for teenagers.

The ‘Room to Create’ project is organised by Orchard Recording Studio in Enniscorthy, in conjunction with composer Laura Hyland and Music Generation Wexford. During the course the teenagers will learn how to record sound and image with Mr. Brendan Carthy and Mr. Paul Dowling. They will also create their own music and soundscapes for live performance, film and video art with artist composer Laura Hyland.

A huge thank you to both Brendan and Laura for their presentation.

CAO Important Dates 2019

Check Important Dates Section on the CAO website www.cao.ie

In April students received a letter from the CAO with important information re the CAO and important dates.

Statement of Application Record

Students should check their Statement of Application Record to ensure all the information on it is correct. If there are any errors or omissions, they should notify the CAO immediately. Via the website. First you must log in and then use the ‘contact us’ section.


TU Dublin- Technological University 1st January 2019


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