French is optional at Leaving Cert level. A large number of our students continue learning the subject to Leaving Cert. If students opt for French, they have six periods of French per week in which they engage in listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. A great emphasis is placed on Oral French for Leaving Cert as there is an oral exam in April of LC2. We are currently using two textbooks: Tout Va Bien(Folens, 2nd Edition) and Bien dit!(EDCO)for oral French.

Assessment – There are 2 levels at Leaving Cert: Higher and Ordinary.

In Higher Level, students are marked as follows: Listening 25%, Speaking 25%, Reading 25%, Writing 25%.

In Ordinary Level: Listening 25%, Speaking 20%, Reading 25%, Writing 30%.(check!).

At the end of the LC programme, students are proficient in each skill of language learning. In fact, some are fluent speakers of French.  C’est fantastique!  French in Bridgetown College – Click here for further information