French in Bridgetown College

French is an optional subject in Junior Cycle. If students opt for French, students have two single periods and one double period of French per week in which they engage in listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. We encourage as many students as possible to study French as it improves career prospects.

Foreign language study enhances listening skills and memory. We are currently using Allons-y 1 in JC1 and Allons-y 2 in JC2 and JC3.

As in nearly all Junior Cycle subjects, French now includes two Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs); one at the end of JC2 and one at the end of term one of JC3. There is also an Assessment Task based on CBA2 marked by the State Exams Commission (SEC). A final exam at the end of JC3 is marked by the State Exams Commission.