Sunday, 27 February 2022

Dear School Community Member,

Please see below a letter outlining the main changes that will take place in Bridgetown College as a result of the recent changes in Government COVID guidelines.

It should be noted that the general school rules apply as they always have. They can be found by following the link below.

Link to School Rules

We will be keeping split breaks and lunches for the time being to reduce large numbers of students from congregating as COVID is still prevalent in the community. For the same reason, we will keep the changing rooms closed for PE and limit the numbers of students allowed in the toilets at any one time. While the one-way systems will no longer be in use, we would ask students to walk on the left hand side of the corridor. Classrooms will still be well ventilated so make sure that students are prepared for rooms that may be slightly colder than desired. The best advice is to get a school jacket that may be worn in school during the school day. 

If you have any concerns / queries, please contact the school.

Kindest regards,

Adrian Power

Letter re changes to COVID measures in school 28 Feb 22

COVID-19 cases and close contacts – what to do from Feb 28


Wednesday 05 January 2022

Dear Parents and Students,

The staff and management of Bridgetown College wishes you and your families a very happy new year. 

As we begin a new term in Bridgetown College, I would like to say that we very much look forward to seeing all of our students back in school tomorrow. As you know, COVID-19 is very prevalent in the community and we would like to reassure you that we continue to implement all of our safety measures and follow the most up to date public health guidelines. Some of these measures include one way systems, sanitising stations around the school, compulsory mask wearing in the school buildings, social distancing etc. We will continue to have doors and windows open as good ventilation is key to halting the spread of the infection in the school, so as the cold weather comes in, please make sure your son/daughter wears adequate layers of clothing under their uniform. 

Finally, click on the updates image below for all information you will need if your child is displaying any symptoms or is a close contact. The info-graphic is also useful. As always if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Kind regards,

Adrian Power

Click on the image above for up to date information



Back to school video for parents and students



Sunday 14 November 2021

Please see the link below for updated information for families.

Friday 09 April 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,

After many weeks of online learning, all students will return to school on Monday the 12th of April. We look forward to welcoming back everyone. We have missed their voices, laughter and energy around the school. In order to ensure everyone’s safety, we would ask that all parents complete the ‘Return to School Form’ that was sent out this morning through the School App prior to the return to school of your son/daughter. Students cannot return to school without filling in this form. If you have difficulty accessing it, please send your child in and contact the school on Monday morning and we will assist you. 

Return to School:

We want the Return to School to be as successful as possible and we must insist that all members of the school community follow all Covid 19 protocols and guidelines.

All safety procedures that were in place before Christmas still apply. On the students’ return, they will receive a presentation to remind them of the Covid Safety measures. There are enhanced Covid safety measures in place such as a strict one-way system and more signage to remind students of these measures. Any interference with safety equipment or signage, or failure to follow safety procedures, may result in the student being sent home. Please note our updated Code of Conduct and associated COVID Health and Safety Policy for Students. We ask parents and guardians to ensure that all students are wearing a mask to school and have a few spares with them also.

It is vitally important that we remind parents and their children to travel to school safely, and minimise social interaction as much as possible. The variants of Covid 19 that are circulating within the community are highly transmissible and everyone within the school community must be very careful. But if your child or another family member develops new possible Covid 19 symptoms, please note the protocols you must follow as a parent of a school-going child in Bridgetown College.

School Protocols for responding to a confirmed/suspected Covid case:

Please click here for the Bridgetown College Covid 19 School Procedures for your information. This is an important document. It is important to know the procedures to follow if you suspect your child, or any family member contracts Covid 19 or displays symptoms. These procedures have been in place in school since last August, but it is important to re-familiarise yourself with the school guidelines which are implemented as per HSE guidelines. Further information is available at website. Please watch the video by clicking on this link. Any advice given by the HSE must be strictly followed.

Timetable Changes:

To reduce student contacts, we now have split breaks and lunches.

LC2 & LCA 2 – 10.20

LC1 & LCA1 & TY – 10.40

3rd Years – 11.00

2nd Years – 11.20

1st Years – 11.40


Senior Lunch – 1.20- 2.00pm

Junior Lunch – 2.00- 2.40pm

Changes to PE Protocol:

For the remaining 7 weeks in school, as a further safety precaution, students will not be permitted to use the dressing rooms for PE class. We are asking students to wear their PE gear into school on the days that they have PE only. All other days, students are expected to be in full uniform.

More Information:

If you require further information on Covid 19 related issues the following link to the HSE website is best for accessing the most live, current information on Covid 19 queries.

The following is a very informative publication from the DES – Spring Back to School Supporting the Wellbeing of School Communities: Guidance for Schools Returning to School: Spring 2021:


Kind Regards,

Mr. Adrian Power





Click here to view the recent Safe Provision of Schooling (SSPS) Report

2 March 2021

To see the COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable reopening of Post Primary Schools, please click here.

Monday 19-10-2020

Hi all,

I am aware that due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in the area and talk of cases in the school people are understandably anxious. I have put together some information that will hopefully clarify the school’s procedures in relation to these issues. It is also important to remember that the school’s reaction to any COVID related issued is strictly guided directly by the HSE.

In the case of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the school, close contacts of the confirmed case will be contacted by the HSE and advised accordingly. Household contacts, such as parents and siblings, of close contacts who have no relevant symptoms are not usually asked to restrict their movements. If your child has not been identified as a close contact, they do not need a test for Covid-19, they can continue to attend school, and no further actions are required.

If, at any time, your child develops any symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 infection (such as a cough, a fever, loss or change in sense of taste or smell), please do not send your child to school, contact your GP and begin restricting your child’s movements, as per public health advice. If your child is being sent for a Covid test by their GP, you should try to isolate your child from other members of the household and all other members of the household need to restrict their movements while awaiting the results of this test.

Restricted movement means avoiding contact with other people and social situations as much as possible. It is also sometimes called ‘self-quarantine’.
Restricted movement means that you/your child stays home and:

  • Does not go to school/work.
  • Does not use public transport.
  • Does not have visitors in your home.
  • Does not attend extra-curricular activities.
  • Does not go to the shops or pharmacy, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Keeps away from older people, anyone with an underlying medical condition

Further information on COVID-19 is available at: and or you can phone HSELive at 1850 24 1850.

For detailed guidelines issued to schools in relation to confirmed or suspected cases please click here

While I accept that this is a difficult time for all, made even more difficult now by the introduction of further restrictions introduced due to the increasing number of cases in the country, it is important to remember that the school has spent a lot of time and effort setting up the school to minimise the risk of transfer of the infection should it enter the school. Students have responded well and are to be commended in following the procedures that are in place.

  • One way systems for busy times on the corridors.
  • Hand sanitising units at all relevant points including entry to each classroom. 
  • Sanitising wipes for students to wipe down their workspace before class starts.
  • Queuing system for the canteen to ensure distancing. 
  • Restructuring of many classrooms to enable students to social distance.
  • Compulsory wearing of facemasks in the school building. 

Our ongoing advice to the entire school community is to follow all of the procedures to keep everyone safe. Adhering to the systems and policies that are in place ensures that the risk of transmission of the virus within the school community is minimal. 

Thank you for your attention,

A Power

For further information for parents from the HSE please click here.

For the letter sent out by the Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ronan Glynn, please click here.

For our school’s key messages to parents published in September, please click here.

To view our COVID-19 Safety Statement click here.


School Year 2019-2020 (Booklists, Feilire, Etc.) - Colaiste Iognaid



Friday 29-05-2020


Hello Everyone,

Well, we have reached the end of another school year. And what a strange year it was. As it was my first year as Principal, I feel a large sense of regret that I could not carry out the traditional end of year duties that would normally fall to me. I imagine that what I feel is only a fraction of what our current Leaving Cert students feel and indeed all of our students that usually get a great sense of satisfaction in having successfully completing another year of school.

I would like to say to all of our students that you have successfully completed your year of studies despite the very difficult circumstances. I am very proud of all of you and the sacrifices that you have made to keep yourselves and others around you safe.  I am also proud of the resilience and resourcefulness you have shown throughout this crises. We have all worked together to make the best of a bad situation. I would like to thank all of our parents who engaged with us and supported your children’s education through this difficult time. Working together, we can achieve so much more.

I fully intent to keep you updated with developments in relation to our school and Covid-19 throughout the summer months. I really look forward to welcoming all of our students back in September and working with you all as education partners to help our students achieve their potential. 

Kind regards,

Adrian Power



PE Competition Winners

Junior Category

Most imaginative video: Josh Whelan – 1st year

Most skillful: Amber Shaw – 1st year

Highly commended also in this category: 3rd year – Alex Guthrie, 2nd year – Robbie Osman, and 1st year – Ellie Whelan, Sean Lowry, Daire Burke and Peter Pullen

Senior Category

Most imaginative video: Ciara Redmond – 5th year

Most skillful: Ryan Miller Sinnott – 5th year

Highly commended also in this category were Hannah McKevitt and Milan Kovacs

Well done to all who entered!

The PE Department.



Thursday 28-05-2020

Important! LC2 Students Take Note

You must log in to the online portal to register for Calculated Grades for Leaving Cert 2020.

Please click on the links below for information. 

Letter to Students re Calculated Grades Student Portal

Guide for Parents

Guide for Students

02 Calculated Grades Student Portal – Before You Start Guide

Online Student Portal

Please see the correspondence issued today from the DES

Dear Principal

This is a request that you please remind your Leaving Certificate students that the Calculated Grades Student Portal for Leaving Certificate 2020 Calculated Grades closes at 10pm tonight, Thursday 28 April.

Before this time, students following the Leaving Certificate Applied programme are required to register on the portal while students following the other Leaving Certificate programmes (Established and Vocational) must register and also confirm their final level for each subject in which they are entered.

It is essential that students register on the portal at this time and, as required, confirm their levels. The sooner that this is done, the sooner the Calculated Grades Executive Office can provide schools with confirmation of final subject levels for students so that schools can complete their task of providing an estimated percentage mark and class rank order for each student

Later on, students will use the portal to opt to receive calculated grades, to access their calculated grades, and to access later stages of the process such as the appeal procedures.

This is a tight timeframe, so students need to gather the following information before commencing the registration process;

  • their Leaving Certificate examination number
  • their Personal Public Service (PPS) number (which they need to create a Personal Identification Number)
  • an email address to which they will have regular access over the coming months
  • their mobile telephone number.

There is Helpdesk support available to students by telephone and email. Please note that due to COVID19 restrictions the helpdesk phonelines (1800-111135 or 1800-111136) are available between 9.00 am and 5 pm each day. Outside of these hours, students can email

For this reason, we would ask for the assistance of principals with the following;

  1. Alerting students to the Calculated Grade Student Portal, and the time frames involved, using the school’s communication channels.
  2. Acting as a first point of contact for students seeking access to their examination number, and to their PPS number which they need to create a Personal Identification Number to confirm their identity.
  3. Helping students who you are aware might not have access to a device or a smartphone.

The portal is can be accessed via


An tAonad Polasaí Curaclaim agus Measúnaithe

Curriculum and Assessment Policy Unit

An Roinn Oideachais agus Scileanna

Department of Education and Skills



Wednesday 27-05-2020)

Leaving Certificate 2020 Calculated Grades


Please click on the links below for information. 

Guide for Parents

Guide for Students


JCSP Time Capsule Competition

Well done to Jake Roche (JC3) and Tadhg Lawton (JC1) for their excellent entries to the JCSP Time Capsule competition. 

You will both be presented with your certificates and prizes on return to school. 😊

681764 Time capsule certificate Bridgetown College_Part1 (1)

681764 Time capsule certificate Bridgetown College_Part2 (1)




Today’s Post (Tuesday 26-05-2020)


Calculated Grades Student Portal


Please read the two documents by clicking on the link below.

Letter to Students re Calculated Grades Student Portal

02 Calculated Grades Student Portal – Before You Start Guide

Online Student Portal


Final “Problem of the week” Challenge

Please send your answer (showing your work) with your name to ‪‪ to be in with a chance of winning. Winner will be announced ‪next Friday 29th May.
Good luck 🍀👍



Monday 25-05-2020

Hello everyone,

This is the last week of school for most and teachers will be winding down their work schedule with students and bidding them farewell and good luck for the summer holidays. Please do your best to respond to whatever work is set in these last few days, and also, make sure to enjoy the fine weather that we are promised. Get out and be active. 

Teachers will also be busy this week getting reports ready along with beginning the process of Calculating Leaving Certificate grades. If you have any queries in relation to this process, please see the following documents.

Leaving Certificate Process Graphical Representation




Saturday 23-05-2020

Hi all,

The process of grading the leaving cert will begin next week. In the meantime, check out this graphic that explains the process very simply.

Leaving Certificate Process Graphical Representation


Some resources that may be useful to you

Student Mental Wellbeing & Resilience Webinar
In  AHEAD’s recent learner survey, more than half of students felt they were not coping well with learning from home. Students who had a mental health condition made up almost 70% of those not coping well.
GetAHEAD have put together a free 1 hour webinar on Zoom for that will look at practical tips for minding mental wellbeing as well as insights into how student mental health is being supported during this time.
Date: 27th May
Time: 3pm – 4pm
This webinar is aimed at all student and learners’ with disabilities looking for practical tips on maintaining good mental wellbeing. 
For further information, please click on the link:


The acclaimed HEADSPACE APP currently has a FREE section called ‘Weathering The Storm’ available to everyone. It includes meditation, sleep, and movement exercises.



Free Daily Pilates Classes:…OPlQlYf2uYM0oA
This is a link to an Irish Platinum Pilates Instructor’s online classes. Her classes are designed so you can do them at home without any specialist equipment.



Friday 22-05-2020

Hi all,

Please see the latest circular on the Calculated Grades for Leaving Certificate 2020




Thursday 21-05-2020

Hi all,

We are coming to the end of the year. Please work hard for the last little push and then enjoy your summer holidays, albeit in a different way than you might have in other years. For our Leaving Cert 2 students, I am hoping that the guidelines will issue today for Calculated Grades for the Leaving Certificate. Then we can start to put an end to this difficult year. Whatever the future holds, we will all get through it and hopefully learn from it. 

Please see below a broad-strokes document explaining the process of the progression to further education this year. 


Please click on the link below for the circular that just issued from the department.


End of Term Assessments (All students except for LC2 students)

If teachers have issued end of year assessments or assignments for grading to students, please note, the deadline is end of day tomorrow. Please check with your son or daughter to make sure they are completing them and have them submitted in time. Some teachers will use assignments and work since March 12 to form that part of the end of year assessment so there may not be work due tomorrow.


End of Year Awards

For our Leaving Cert 2 students, we will be holding awards next week and recording it to send out on our social media sites. 

For all other years, we will have a whole school awards ceremony as would have happened around now were we in school. Please email if you feel that your son/daughter has not missed a day of school this year before the school closure on 12 March. 



Wednesday 20-05-2020

LC2 Update

Hi all,

We are expecting the updated guidelines for schools in relation to Calculated Grades to issue within the next day or two. These will be followed by guidelines for students and parents.


Message from President Michael D. Higgins

Please click on the link below to read a message from our President, Mr. Michael D. Higgins to the young people of Ireland. 

Post Primary message EN


JC3 Assessment Policy

Please see our JC3 Assessment policy below. All queries to Mr. Power at 

Bridgetown College Junior Cycle Reporting May 2020


Incoming 1st Year Students

Please click here for up to date info for incoming first year students and parents.



Tuesday 19-05-2020


PLC Courses in Enniscorthy VC




Monday 18-05-2020

Numeracy “Problem of the Week”

Congratulations to the winners of this weeks “Problem of the Week” competition,  Amber Shaw (JC1) and Alyssa Murray (JC3). You will be presented with a €10 voucher on your return to school. Well done ☺️👍

This weeks numeracy “Problem of the week”

Please send your answer (showing your work) with your name to ‪‪ to be in with a chance of winning. Winner will be announced ‪next Monday 25th May.
Good luck 🍀👍



Friday 15-05-2020

Hello everybody,

We have reached the end of another week and I hope it has been a good one for you and your families. It is hard to believe that there are only two weeks left in this term and indeed the rest of this academic year. Make sure to get the most our of the remaining time by working as hard as you can in the realisation that in two weeks you will be finished until the start of September. 

For our LC2 students, can I acknowledge the difficult time you have all been through and commend you all in how you have dealt with this situation. While you are now finished, and we cannot under any circumstances discuss calculated grades or anything to do with the Leaving Cert with you, can I assure you that we are still here for you if you need advice in other areas, pastorally or career wise. I also recognise the fact that you have all missed your end of school events. We will mark your passing from second level education in some meaningful way as soon as it is possible to do so. I promise you this. In the meantime, keep positive and remember, you have a long road with endless possibilities ahead of you. Take care.

Adrian Power



Coding Classes

Please see the email below in relation to free Online “What is Computing and Coding?”

Dear Principal,

I hope this email finds you, your family, staff and students well and safe. We understand students presently have extra free time and educators are always looking for ways to keep their students engaged with STEM elements. With this in mind this coming Monday via Zoom at 11 am and 6 pm we are offering a Free Online “What is Computing and Coding?” talks for Parents, Teachers and Principals.. Here we will explain what Computing and Coding is about. How Kids Coder Club work with their students, the programmes required, free platforms and thereafter answer questions from our online audience.

We would be very appreciative if you could communicate this to staff members and also your students via your communication channel. For an invite just drop us an email to 

We provide Live Online Computing and Coding Classes for primary school children

New Members Welcome. Our Terabyte Class is for all post-primary students and will give them exposure to Computer Science and Coding. Students who attend these classes will have a better understanding of the subject and therefore should get better grades. We also have CS College 1st Year Preparation class which will aid students entering college. 

Stay Safe

Trevor Murphy, HDip MSc

Principal & Lead Mentor.



Thursday 14-05-2020

Hi all,

For our leaving Cert 2 students and their parents, please make sure to keep an eye on the DES frequently asked questions page. It is being updated as clarifications on the Calculated Grade System are worked out.

Latest Q & A on the Leaving Certificate


UCD Virtual Summer School: 2 – 5 June 2020 

Students can learn, explore, and experience University College Dublin by attending our 2020 Virtual Summer School webinar series.

Details of the participating courses are available at 

Prospective students, parents, guidance counsellors and International students are invited to join us online from 2 – 5 June for some information packed, interactive webinars, meet lecturers, a current student, ask questions and find out more about specific subject areas.



CAO Change of Mind

Just a reminder that the CAO change of mind opened on the 5th of May so it you would like make changes to your CAO choices, you can do so until the 1st of July.



Wednesday 13-05-2020

Latest Q & A on the Leaving Certificate



Tuesday 12-05-2020


Hi all,

Please click on the link below for the Questions and answers document from the Department of Education and Skills.

Latest Q & A on the Leaving Certificate

This section has just been added.

  1. When does tuition to final year Leaving Certificate students cease, given that calculated grades are being put in place?

As of 11 May 2020, tuition (whether online or in other ways) ceased for sixth-year leaving certificate students. This applies to the Leaving Certificate established, Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) and Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP).

No additional work will be accepted from students from this date. Teachers and students may not discuss the student’s achievement in the subject over the past two years. Nor can they discuss the student’s ranking in a class, or their estimated mark or the level at which an estimated mark is to be provided in a subject.

However, students remain students of the school until the end of the school term. In terms of the school’s role in supporting the wellbeing of Leaving Certificate students, the role of the Student Support Team as set out in the guidance issued recently to schools, should remain available until the end of the school term. You can access links to the supports provided by the National Education Psychological Service (NEPS) here.


Weekly Numeracy Puzzle

Congratulations to the winners of this weeks “Problem of the Week” competition  Ciara Redmond  (LC1) and Lauren Williams (JC3).You will be presented with a €10 voucher on your return to school. Well done ☺️👍


This Week’s Problem of the Week

“Problem of the week”
Please send your answer (showing your work) with your name to ‪‪ to be in with a chance of winning. Winner will be announced ‪next Monday 18 May.
Good luck 🍀👍



Monday 11-05-2020

Green-Schools Week 2020

From Monday 11th of May to Friday 15th of May, we are holding our inaugural Green-Schools Week. This will have to be a bit different from what we had planned but we are on track to get our first Green Flag so we are going ahead. We want you to think Green this week and will have some good prizes on offer (Mr. Power has promised to be generous😊). We are running three competitions for students of Bridgetown College to get involved with.


Competition 1

Photography, the theme is “All things green near me”.

Competition 2

A one-minute video, the theme is “Exploring nature 5km from home”. The idea is to promote your local area and advertise the biodiversity of your area.

Competition 3

Creative Recycling/Upcycling. You are challenged to make a piece of art, bug hotel or anything you like, using material that you have collected from your local area and home. 

All details will be on the school website but if you have any questions just email Ms. Moriarty (


How to enter:

For competition 1 and 3 you can email your photos to Ms. Moriarty.

To enter competition 2 your videos can be placed on You sign in with your school email address. Any problems though just email the video to Ms. Moriarty


Closing date and time: 4pm, Friday 15th of May

Thanks. Ms Moriarty.




Saturday 09-05-2020

Dear Leaving Cert Students,

The news you received yesterday may have been welcome by some but did’t suit others. I appreciate and acknowledge the hard work and dedication that you have put in for the last five to six years and I really commend you on this. From speaking to many of you yesterday in school. I know there are many mixed feelings about how your school experience is finishing and the void it is leaving. I promise that we will do everything in our power to mark it as best we can in the current situation in a memorable way. There will be a graduation whenever we can make it happen. And it will be a celebration of all of your achievements and your school life. 

If you would like to talk, please do not hesitate to contact any of your teachers, your guidance counsellor, or any of the school management team.  

We are here for you. We will keep you all informed of all updates as we get them. 

Is mise le meas,

Adrian Power

Information for Leaving Cert Students



Friday 08-05-2020

Hello everyone,

In the last few hours there has been developments in relation to the Leaving Certificate. The Minister has cancelled the Leaving Certificate for health and safety reasons. Please click on the link before for the DES statement.

Please read the documents relating to how it will now be assessed below. 

a-guide-to-calculated-grades-for-leaving-certificate-students-2020 (2)


I would like to remind all of our students and parents to keep an eye on our career guidance page that is updated on a regular basis.



Thursday 07-05-2020)

NUI Galway – Virtual Open Day

Check-out the Programme of Events!

The Programme outlines everything that will happen at the Virtual Open Day and will help you plan so you get the most from the event. The Virtual Open Day will include:

·      Pre-Recorded Presentations from Course Directors

·      Live Q&As for all our Courses and Support Services

·      Facebook Live Discussion where you can ask questions of our panel of experts

Programme of events

Wednesday 06-05-2020

Hello Everybody,

Reminder, today is a staff planning day. Take the time to catch up on yourself and prepare for the next few weeks. Try out out our Digital Literacy Puzzle No 1. €10 voucher for the winners. The winner will be announced each week and a new puzzle put up. Say what you see!!! Good luck. 

Please email with your answer.


See Office 365 Student Handbook by clicking on the link below.




Tuesday 05-05-2020

Hi all,

Please click on the links below for access to the new DES website dedicated to Leaving Cert Students and their parents. Much of it you know already, but there are important tips, advice and information in it that really will help. 

Leaving Cert Advice Page

Leaving Cert  – Information Page

Leaving Cert – Practical Supports

Also a reminder that tomorrow is a staff planning day where subject departments will finalise arrangements for summer assessments. These will be published before the end of the week. 


Adrian Power

Monday 04-05-2020 (Bank Holiday)

Hello School Community,

I hope you all make the most of this beautiful bank holiday Monday. A quick shout out to our Leaving Cert 2 students. There has again been a lot of unhelpful speculation over the weekend on the viability of the Leaving Certificate by certain political parties and media sites. As of right now, the Leaving Cert is set to begin on July 29. All you can do is plan for this and keep preparing as you have been doing. The experts will decide what is safe and practical in the coming days, weeks and months and we will follow that advice. The only guarantee I can give you is that whatever the management and staff of Bridgetown College need to do to support you, we will. We are all here for you. A Power

Please click here if you are a LC or LCA student and would like to participate in the Irish Second Level Student’s Union survey No. 2. 

Please click here for an RTE article on the issue.


Problem of the Week

Congratulations to the winners of this weeks “Problem of the Week” competition  Hannah McKevitt (LC1) and Sean Lowry (JC1).You will be presented with a €10 voucher on your return to school. Well done ☺️👍

This week’s Problem of the Week



Sunday 03-05-2020

Hi all,

I hope you are enjoying the weekend and practicing tolerance and patience with your loved ones. These times are difficult and we all need to dig deep maintain our relationships and get through each day, one at a time. Wexford Local Development have uploaded a series of Health and Well-being videos from Damien Wade (Introduction available below). Damien is a health, life and performance coach. He is putting together a series of talks that could be really beneficial to you as parents and you as students. They are aimed at Leaving Cert students but his advice is sound and the things he talks about will resonate with us all.



Saturday 02-05-2020

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the Saturday text but I did not get around to notifying the school community of our staff planning day next Wednesday. (See Below). I hope you are set to make the most of the coming bank holiday weekend and find some time for yourselves. I have put a link to the full document published by the Government in relation to their Covid-19 road map just below this text. I would also like you to encourage your child(ren) to participate in our Whole School PE Challenge (See details below).

Have a wonderful weekend and, as always, we are here for you. Let us know if you need anything. 

Covid Update


Staff Planning Day

Bridgetown College Staff will be engaging in a planning day next Wednesday 6th of May. As a result, students will not be receiving work or tuition on that day. We advise our students to take the break and plan the day productively, doing thinks that they like. Or trying things that they think they might like. We will issue updates on the examination procedures of Bridgetown College for the summer assessments and Junior Cert next week. 


Whole School PE Challenge

Reminder about the whole-school PE Challenge where students have the chance to win a €50 voucher for a Sports Shop of their choice in Wexford.!!

We want students to upload a video of how they are exercising at home during this time. 

There will be 2 categories. Junior – (1st, 2nd and 3rd Yr) and Senior- (LC1, LCA1, LC2, LCA2). In each category there will be 2 prizes. One for the most imaginative video and the other for the video that shows the most skill.

Upload your video to Microsoft Teams, the same way you upload work – closing date Friday May 8th 3.30pm. You can check out entries and winners on the school website and social media after the closing date.

Any problems uploading, simply email the video to your PE teacher. 

Looking forward to seeing all the entries!!

Ms Manning, Ms Bates & Ms Boland



Friday 01-05-2020

JCSP Competition – A day in the life of a young person in Ireland in 2020

Competition time again! Please click on the link below for details. Entries to 

JCSP Competition_ Time Capsule_ A day in the life of a young person in Ireland in 2020


Craft Apprenticeship Female Scholarship Initiative

application form v4

female Scholarship brochure

As you may be aware, the WWETB apprenticeship department launched the craft apprenticeship female scholarship initiative in February 2020.  A pack containing brochures, applications forms and the guidelines for application was circulated to all WWETB schools at the  school principals meeting in February.  The original closing date for applications was April 3rd.   However due to the circumstances around COVID 19 a decision has now been taken to extend the closing date for applications to 24th July. 

The revised timeline for processing of applications is as follows and replaces the original schedule outlined in the Information document.  

Closing Date for Applications

24th July

Aptitude Testing

Week of 7th September


Week of 28th September

Notification of Scholarship Offer

Week of 12th October

Date for acceptance of offer

October 23rd

This is a great opportunity for any female students who are considering a career in craft apprenticeship.  

Please note that applications can posted to:

Apprenticeship Dept., Waterford & Wexford ETB, Waterford Training Centre, Industrial Estate, Waterford, X91 PX02.

Or alternately email to:

Closing date for receipt of applications is 4:30pm on Friday 24th July 2020  

If you require any further information on this initiative, please email your queries to:


Thursday 30-04-2020

Communication from the State Examinations Commission

To the Principal /Examination Secretary
RE: COVID-19 – Clarification on payment of Examination Fees 2020
The SEC would be grateful if you would bring the following information to the attention of your examination candidates/parents/guardians:
Leaving Certificate Fees: The closing date for payment of the Leaving Cert examination fee is being extended until after the exams are complete and the results has issued.
Junior Certificate/Cycle Fees : Students will not be required to pay an examination fees to the SEC in relation to the 2020 Junior Cycle examinations.
Your co-operation is very much appreciated.
Kind Regards
Jackie Wade
Fees Section
State Examinations Commission
JCSP Competition – A day in the life of a young person in Ireland in 2020
Competition time again! Please click on the link below for details. Entries to 

JCSP Competition_ Time Capsule_ A day in the life of a young person in Ireland in 2020


Wednesday 30-04-2020

Congratulations to Cian O’Reilly, JC2, the winner of Ms Geoghegan’s poetry competition. Well done Cian.

The Importance of Hope

It snuck into our lives this invisible thing that

No one can see

It took away what we know in a Blink.


HOPE is what we have now.

School is gone as we can no longer go.

Playing with friends is also a no go.


Hope is the place where we want to go.

Seeing our family is also no more.

Grandparents are not let out the door.


HOPE is the people we long to see.

Everyone is feeling a bit lost and unsure.

Not knowing what will be anymore.


HOPE is the feeling that will help us get through.

And that to me is

The importance of Hope.


Tuesday 28-04-2020

Hi all,

I have no big links or important news today. Just to say that I miss all of my students and teachers. I miss my interactions with parents and all of the partners in our school community. We are living through challenging times and doing a great job of it in my opinion. We are being responsible and keeping people safe and I am so proud of everyone of our students for the patience, resilience and continued good humour you are all showing. 

I know that many of you are finding it difficult to focus on studies now, but it is in these difficult times that you have to dig deep. Keep up your relationships with your teachers in the limited way that online technology an teaching allows for. Independent learning is difficult. Make the best of this bad situation. And keep doing it for as long as it takes. We are all here for you all, always. 

And don’t forget. Keep your body active by engaging in our Active Homes Week and keep your mind active by entering our problem of the week. (See yesterday’s post) 

Let us know if there is anything you can do for you, as a student or as a family. 

Kindest regards,

Adrian Power



Monday 27-04-2020

Hello everyone,

I hope you are had a nice relaxing Weekend with your family. This coming week would have been out Active Schools Week, however for obvious reasons this year it will become Active Home Week. We are encouraging all of our students to get 60 minutes of physical activity each day. 

Active Home Week Website and Resources

Easy Exercises

Click here for some ideas of what you could do.


Problem of the Week Winners

Congratulations to the winners of this weeks “Problem of the Week” competition Aoife Morgan, JC1, and Milan Kovacs, LC1. You will be presented with a €10 voucher on your return to school. Well done ☺️👍

This weeks problem.

Please send your answer (showing your work) with your name to ‪‪ to be in with a chance of winning. Winner will be announced ‪next Sunday 3rd May.
Good luck 🍀👍


Sunday 26-04-2020



Here is where University is For Everyone – NUI Galway Access Programmes

Live Q&A Information Sessions

Live Q&A Information Sessions on becoming an Access Student at NUI Galway or at one of our outreach locations including St. Angela’s College, Sligo, An Cheathrú Rúa, and Ballinasloe will be held on Tuesday 28th April 2020 and Thursday 30th April 2020. If you are a Mature Student join us on Tuesday 28th April 2020 from 3pm – 4pm and if you are a School Leaver, join us on Thursday 30th April 2020 from 3pm – 4pm.

These unique Live Q&A information sessions are designed particularly for school leavers aged 22 or under, and mature students aged 23 or over, who never had the opportunity to study at third level and could not for a diverse range of reasons perform to their full potential academically. It is aimed primarily at those on a low income and/or who have long-term disabilities. It is an event to reach out to our community that university is accessible to all and particularly to those who thought college was out of their reach. The NUI Galway Access Courses aim to support students build confidence in themselves, in their academic ability and also to support them all to reach their full potential.

Representatives from the Access Centre to Coordinators from each of the programmes will be online to advise and answer your questions on the Access Diploma Programmes and to support you in deciding to take that first step into third level education. See following links to access the online applications for Access Programme for Mature Students or Access Programme for School Leavers.

“The Access Course laid solid foundations for me and allowed me to develop academic skills. I left school at 15 and now as a Mature Access Student realise that I am not a failure where learning is concerned”, said a former Access Student and now a graduate of NUI Galway.


Find Out More on the Live Q&Q Information Session:

Mature Students – Tuesday 28th April 2020 from 3pm – 4pm. Join the online Q&A Mature Student session HERE.

School Leavers – Thursday 30th April 2020 from 3pm – 4pm. Jointhe online Q&A School Leaver session HERE.


Saturday 25-04-2020

Hi all,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Please see below the latest developments from the working group on the State Examinations.

24 April, 2020 – Department of Education and Skills statement on stakeholder engagement in relation to the State Examinations

The Department of Education and Skills today (Friday 24 April 2020) hosted a third meeting with a range of stakeholders as part of planning for the State Examinations in response to the Covid-19 public health measures.

The advisory group of stakeholders includes representatives of students, parents, teachers, school leadership and management bodies, the State Examinations Commission, the National Educational Psychological Service, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment and the Department.

The Higher Education Authority attends meetings in an observer capacity, to assist feeding back to consultations it is involved with across the third level sector.

The meeting reviewed progress being made in relation to the development of a range of supports for the wellbeing of students, and welcomed the launch today by the Taoiseach of the #InThisTogether Campaign to support the wellbeing of all of our citizens at this time.

The SEC provided an update on the work in progress on the holding of the Leaving Certificate examinations scheduled to commence on 29th July.

Today’s meeting also considered issues concerning Junior Cycle Assessment, in the context of the decision that the state Junior Cycle examinations will not run this year. These discussions will continue when the group meets next week.

Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh TD said: “I am grateful to all of the stakeholders who are working so closely with the Department and the State Examinations Commission to ensure an outcome that has students’ best interests at heart, and we will continue our discussions over the coming days and weeks.

“I welcome the progress made in several areas today, including issues concerning the Junior Cycle final examinations. As I stated earlier this week, I would urge schools not to make any local decisions concerning assessment at junior cycle level until the Advisory Group has concluded its discussions on that part of its work.


Pearse Ó Caoimh

Higher Executive Officer — Communications.

An Roinn Oideachais agus Scileanna
Department of Education and Skills
Sráid Maoilbhríde, Baile Átha Cliath, D01 RC96.
Marlborough Street, Dublin, D01 RC96.

Friday 24-04-2020

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well on this beautiful Friday.

The SUSI application process opened yesterday. The process can be a little overwhelming.
Classroom Guidance have created a 5 min video on “Student Grants in Ireland – How to Apply” for you to check out. The video explains the 5 eligibility criteria and gives a quick run through the 6 sections on the on-line form. This is done in the simplest and quickest way possible. It will be very useful for students to help get them started.

You could check out the video guides page too.

Please see below a link to the latest release from the Department of Education.

Statement From DES

Thursday 23-04-2020

Hi everyone,

Click on the image below and it might help your family to discuss the contents and reflect on it. 

We are advising LC2 students to take their weekends for themselves. Teacher will give deadlines that respect the fact that given the late Leaving Cert exams students need to take regular intervals of down time and engage in other activities. 

StudyLearningto Learn Website

Wednesday 22-04-2020

Letter to all students April 2020

Some easy to read study tips and techniques

Supporting Students through these challenging times

Whole School PE Challenge

We have decided to run a whole-school PE Challenge where students have the chance to win a €50 voucher for a Sports Shop of their choice in Wexford.!!

 We want students to upload a video of how they are exercising at home during this time. 

 There will be 2 categories. Junior – (1st, 2nd and 3rd Yr) and Senior- (LC1, LCA1, LC2, LCA2). In each category there will be 2 prizes. One for the most imaginative video and the other for the video that shows the most skill.

Upload your video to Microsoft Teams, the same way you upload work – closing date Friday May 8th 3.30pm. You can check out entries and winners on the school website and social media after the closing date.

 Any problems uploading, simply email the video to your PE teacher. 

 Looking forward to seeing all the entries!!

Ms Manning, Ms Bates & Ms Boland

Tuesday 21-04-2020

Note from the Principal

Dear Parent/Guardian,

There has been a lot of speculation in the media in relation to the future and what is happening in schools. It is important to note that school returned from Easter holidays yesterday morning at 9am and teachers are working. It is expected that students would try to reestablish a routine and get back to school work. It is so important that students try to maintain some semblance of normality and engaging in school work is vital. We will be having summer assessments, many of which will rely on assessment of work returned over the next number of weeks so it is important that everyone digs deep and tried their best to do their best. 

I want to reiterate that as far as the Department of education is concerned, at present,the Leaving cert is going ahead at some stage later in the summer subject to health and safety advice. While this is not ideal for anyone, it is a best fit solution for the very difficult situation we find ourselves in. To this end, I as a Principal and we as a school will do everything in our power to make sure that any arrangement will work for our students and minimise the stress and anxiety for them. We will be with you every step of the way.

While the Junior Cert in it’s normal format has been cancelled, what will be in place has not been decided on yet so it is important that students continue to cooperate with their teachers and try their best to maximise their learning. I will be posting updates here as soon as I get them. 

Leaving Cert Payment Forms

The payment forms for Leaving Cert students are due in homes tomorrow. The payment date is the 30th of April. Click on the link below for further information of payment of these fees.

How to pay Leaving Certificate Fees


Monday 20-04-2020

Impact of school closures on Examination activities (FAQs from the SEC)

Principal’s Address

Numeracy problem of the week

Please send your answer (showing your work) with your name to ‪‬ to be in with a chance of winning. Winner will be announced next Sunday 26th April.
Good luck 🍀👍

Thursday 16-04-2020

Stress Control advert NEPS

The HSE has been in touch with us to let us know about this Stress Control programme that is being provided free online. 

The programme is for adults, but under 18 year olds are encouraged to participate with their parents.  It may be a useful programme for Leaving Certificate students and/or their parents to access for support at this time. 

More details can be found here: and the link to the YouTube introductory video is here: 

Unfortunately, the first introductory session took place on Tuesday but the others will be available as per the attached schedule.


Wednesday 15-04-2020

Hi everyone,

While there is little more in the way of clarity in relation to the State Examinations, rest assured that the Department has started discussions with the relevant stakeholders to make sure that whatever arrangements will be made will be as student focused as possible. I will give you updates here as soon as I know more.

In the meantime, preparations for third level must still be made. Please see the information below about online Open Days in Waterford Institute of Technology. It is a good opportunity to see what is on offer and have questions answered.

Monday 13-04-2020

Well done to last week’s winner of our “Problem of the Week” competition, Darren O Neill JC1. You will be presented with a €10 voucher on your return to school. Well done Darren☺️👍 See the solution below.

Friday 10-04-2020

Update on State Examinations as announced 4pm today. 

See the impressive hurling clip made by some of our students here


Wednesday 08-04-2020

Note to parents and students – click to read


Under 15 football success

As we are not able to physically present the medals for the u-15 boys football team we decided to upload a picture of them and a picture of the team until such a time as we are all together again. The lads won these medals when they won the Wexford schools football final last November. Well done boys!
The final was against Creagh College and was played in Bellefield Enniscorthy. The score was 4-4 to 2-6.
As a result of this, the team got to a South Leinster final. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful. The team has worked tremendously throughout the year training twice a week. I have no doubt further successes are ahead of them in the coming years.

Parent’s Survey

If you have not done so already, please fill out our survey for parents of students in Bridgetown College to help us plan going forward should the school shut down extend beyond Easter. Click here


Monday 06-04-2020

Please see yesterday’s entry for the results to last weeks numeracy puzzle and the new puzzle for this week!

Sunday 04-04-2020

Congratulations to the winners of the “Problem of the week” competition Tadhg Lawton, JC1, and Grainne Bates, LC2.

You will be presented with a €10 voucher on your return to school. Well done!👍


Have a go at this week’s problem. 2 more vouchers to be won next Sunday.

Saturday 04-04-2020


Wanna try something different in your garden over Easter?

Some helpline numbers

Support services available to young people

Friday 03-04-2020

Students, please ensure that when you are replying to emails, do not “Reply to all” as everyone will get your reply and it makes finding emails difficult. 

  • Easter holidays begin this evening. For most of you, take the break. Practice some of the well being advice posted on this website or elsewhere. Learn something new, a skill or a hobby. Read a book. Read many books. For others in examination years you will have revision to do. Please remember, do not panic, every student in the country is in the same boat. Keep going as you would normally have done were the school not shut. I will keep updating the website with info and updates and we will be on the end of the email if you just want to say hello and check in. Most importantly, follow the advice of the Government and the HSE and stay safe. 
  • Reminder that you can access Wexford Local Development online grinds for free.
  • If you get bored over Easter here are some UCD Maths Grinds!
  • Third year students. Don’t forget to enter in your subject preferences before Tuesday. MORE 
  • Department of Education Help and Advice – Corvid-19


Thursday 02-04-2020

Students, please ensure that when you are replying to emails, do not “Reply to all” as everyone will get your reply and it makes finding emails difficult. 

Temporary Covid-19 wage subsidy scheme

List of essential service providers



Wednesday 01-04-2020

Students, please ensure that when you are replying to emails, do not “Reply to all” as everyone will get your reply and it makes finding emails difficult. 

Third Year Students:
In relation to CBAs and Assessment Tasks, they are postponed until the following dates.
CBA’s : 13th May and Assessment Tasks : 15th May (Pending a review closer to this date)
Leaving Cert Students
No decision has been made in relation to these exams as of yet.
The official press release from State Examinations Commission goes into greater detail. Read it here.
It is important to remember that all students are in the same boat. The State Examinations Commission will decide at the appropriate time what will happen and we will support you no matter what decisions are made. All you can do is to prepare as best you can given the circumstances.
Click here for some advice.


Example Plan For Your Day

Mental Health Services During the Covid-19 Crisis

Sunday 29-03-2020

Problem of the week. 

For the duration of the school closure, we will be having a weekly numeracy puzzle instead of the usual monthly one. The prize is still a €10 voucher which will be presented to the winning students on our return to school.
Please send your answer (showing your work) with your name to to be in with a chance of winning. Winner will be announced next Sunday 5th April.
Good luck 🍀👍

Click here for this week’s puzzle.

Saturday 28-03-2020

Hello everybody. I’m sure you are all aware at this stage of the further restrictions imposed by the government. You can read details here. As a result, you will need to contact us by email as we will not be in school. Don’t worry, we should be able to provide the same service in relation to help with IT problems from home. Contact or if you have any queries about accessing online material. 

Some new resources added to our Resources section.

Minding Our Mental Health

Useful Apps For Mental Wellbeing

Sid Bernstein presents The Beatles – I Gotta Wash My Hands


Friday 27-03-2020

Bridgetown College Meals Scheme

Hi all. As you may be aware, Bridgetown College operates a school meal scheme which consists of free breakfast and subsidised lunches for students attending our school. During the school closure due to Covid-19, we would like to offer support for families who are struggling financially in these difficult times. We are proposing to assemble food packages for families who would like to avail of some assistance in this manner. Please email confidentially with your name and your child’s name if you are interested in having a food package delivered to your home. Please let Sharon know by Monday morning, 30 March, if you are interested.

jumpAgrade Online Revision Course

Please click here to get an update on jumpAgrade online revision course for Leaving Cert students and links to week 1 resources. (Resources will only be available in future for students who have signed up.)

Online tutorials for Leaving Cert Students

As part of our additional supports to Second Level Schools, Wexford Local Development in partnership with the Principal and Teachers from Enniscorthy Vocational College have provided online tutorials for Leaving Cert students. The YouTube link is above, please share it on our behalf.

There will be more tutorials soon. 



Wednesday 25-03-2020

Hi there,

Please see the link below for the latest Government advice and measures in response to Covid-19



Tuesday 24-03-2020

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well today. The minister has recently announced that schools will remain shut until the end of the Easter Holidays. While this is not a great surprise to any of us it is a reminder of how serious the situation is and how important it is to remember to follow all instructions issued by the HSE. See the ministers announcement here; 

Please click here for up to date information about the state examinations in Bridgetown College.

Please click here to access free Audio books for children and teenagers. Click on the image below for a message from Ms Carroll, Deputy Principal.




Monday 23-03-2020

Hi all,

As we begin our second full week of the school closure due to the outbreak of Covid-19, I would like to take this opportunity to reassure parents and students that this unprecedented event does not mean that teachers can’t teach and learners can’t learn. There is a lot of great work going on and as time goes on we will all get used to the current situation and refine how we deal with distance teaching and learning. I am including a few links to some resources that should help students to come to grips with the new technological solution that will be used for the next little while to aid online learning. I have also included 

Distance learning with Office 365: Guidance for parents and guardians

Talking to your child about Covid-19 – Peadar Maxwell

Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times


Thursday 19-03-2020

Please see letter from the State Examinations Commission re Oral Exams, Practical Exams and Projects.

Dear All,

Since the Government announcement last week of the closure of schools until the 29th March, the State Examinations Commission has been working closely with the Department of Education and Skills on considering alternative arrangements for candidates approaching the state examinations.  The planned closure period directly impacts on the scheduled dates for this years’ oral and practical performance tests.***  Following a review of all possible options the Minister has just now announced at a press conference that it has been decided to cancel these tests and to award candidates the full marks for the components in question.

***Practical performance tests refer to LC and JC Music and JC Home Economics. At present the practical examinations due to be held after Easter are still due to go ahead pending a further announcement to say otherwise. 

We have also announced an extension of the completion date for project work and coursework which was due for completion on various dates between the 20th March and the 24th April.  Candidates will now have until the 15th May to complete this work.  The SEC will provide further details on the revised arrangements in the coming days to school  authorities and will publish details on our website for the information of students, parents and guardians.

Awarding full marks for the oral and practical performance tests was considered to be the most fair to candidates as it guarantees that no candidate can be awarded a mark lower than they would have achieved in the test. No other approach to generating a result for these components would have given this guarantee. These decisions have at all time been guided by consideration of the best interests  of candidates.

Our advice to candidates is that they should continue to prepare for the remaining elements of their examinations as scheduled.   

We are continuing to actively monitor the evolving health emergency and are working very closely with the DES in assessing the impact on the examinations system.

Kind regards,

Andrea Feeney


Operations and IT Division

State Examinations Commission

Advice from the school

Dear Parents /Guardians,

We are encouraging all our students especially our 3rd and 6th year students to replicate the school day as far as possible. Start at 9.00, study and complete assignments or exam questions in 40 minute slots and then break at 11.00am for 30 minutes and break again at 1.20pm for 40-60 minutes followed by 3 more slots of 40 minutes.

Students should follow work that their teachers post on Office 365 or target areas from their mock exams that they know require attention. If any student is unable to access their Office 365 account, you need to contact the school to get the issue resolved. or

To our students who may feel stressed and anxious about their exams, we would ask them to stay calm and remember that every school and exam student is in the same position. The best way to channel these feelings is by approaching your studies in an organised and efficient manner. By having a well-planned approach and targeting areas that you know you need to improve on will reduce your anxiety and allow you to reap the rewards at a later stage.

Above all, what matters most is that everyone associated with Bridgetown College and our community remains safe and well in these unprecedented times. Like all things in life this too will pass, it is a time where we need to work together so that we achieve the best possible outcome given the circumstances. Stay safe and follow the advice from the experts in the HSE and government agencies. We will get through this.


Tuesday 17-03-2020

There are still no concrete directions on travel to certain parts of the EU including France. Keep up to date on the link below.


Monday 16-03-2020

Please click on the link below for FREE access to revision materials that you normally have to pay for.

See the latest proposals on European travel restrictions below.

Please email me at if there is information you think should be on this page. General information on the school’s closure can be accessed below.

COvid-19 Advice