Selskar College Post Leaving Cert Courses talk

On the 21/02/2010 LCA2,LCA1,LC2 students were given a presentation on the post-leaving certificate courses available in Selskar College. Forty eight students attended the talk. They were given information on each course available, the methods of assessment, progression routes after the PLC course, the advantages of completing a PLC course and how to apply. The courses available are;

  1. Reception & Administration
  2. Business Studies
  3. Office & Computer Skills
  4. Payroll & Accounts Skills
  5. Hospitality & Tourism
  6. Early Childhood Care & Education
  7. Healthcare Support
  8. Nursing Studies
  9. Applied Social Studies (with SNA option)
  10. Art Craft Design
  11. Pre-3rd Level

Also we were reminded of the Open Day for PLC’s this Thursday Jan 23rd from 2-5pm.

A huge thank you to the PLC tutors from Selskar College for coming out to the school today and for giving us an insight into student life in Selskar!


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Wexford Campus Talk 07 02 2020


Waterford Institute of Technology Open Day


Today 22/11/2019 45 of our LC2 students attended Waterford Institute of Technology Open Day. It was held in the Sports Arena and the students could discuss courses with lecturers and students. Students also got the opportunity to travel up and explore the main campus.

The picture below features Molly Kavanagh (on the right) a past pupil of Bridgetown College studying law in WIT.


Trip to Waterford Training Centre on the 19/11/2019

LCA1 and LCA2 students from Bridgetown College attended Waterford Training Centre for a presentation and a tour of the training centre.


The teachers and students received information on craft apprenticeships.We attended workshops in: Brick and Stone-laying, Classic Car Restoration, Agricultural Mechanics, Sheet Metalworking, Industrial Insulation, Plumbing, Metal Fabrication, Electrical, Plastering, Mechanical Automation and Fitting. The students got to hear all about the courses available on site from the tutors. A huge thank you to all the staff for the great experience and wonderful day.

Ms. S Browne

Room to Create

On the 21st of March 2019 students from JC2 to LC2 were given the opportunity to attend a talk about the ‘Room to Create’ project. Twenty- two students attended the event, held in the library. This creative project will take place over Easter for teenagers.

The ‘Room to Create’ project is organised by Orchard Recording Studio in Enniscorthy, in conjunction with composer Laura Hyland and Music Generation Wexford. During the course the teenagers will learn how to record sound and image with Mr. Brendan Carthy and Mr. Paul Dowling. They will also create their own music and soundscapes for live performance, film and video art with artist composer Laura Hyland.

A huge thank you to both Brendan and Laura for their presentation.

CAO Important Dates 2019

Check Important Dates Section on the CAO website

In April students received a letter from the CAO with important information re the CAO and important dates.

Statement of Application Record

Students should check their Statement of Application Record to ensure all the information on it is correct. If there are any errors or omissions, they should notify the CAO immediately. Via the website. First you must log in and then use the ‘contact us’ section.


TU Dublin- Technological University 1st January 2019


Subject Choice for Students in Bridgetown College

When making subject choices, students are encouraged to read the  booklets given, to research online, to speak to subject teachers, to consult parents and important others, such as the guidance counsellor in considering their options.

First Year

In brief, it is proposed that, at the level of the Junior Cycle, the primary consideration in choosing a subject is a student’s liking for that subject.
It is also proposed that, in addition to Irish, English and Mathematics, the ‘safe range’ of subjects in Junior Cycle includes an additional language and Science.

Senior Cycle

For the Senior Cycle, it is proposed that, in addition to liking a subject, and having an aptitude for it students need to consider the entry requirements for their chosen career or course.

It is obvious that such consideration takes time for most students and that much information is required.

The Junior Certificate and Transition Year students have been given two booklets to read:

  1. Planning for after the Junior Certificate (Advice re subject choice / LCA/ TY / LC options and the
  2. Differential Aptitude Test (Explained)

The NCCA website at is an essential resource for this purpose.

Also, students were asked to research the following websites:

Qualifax ,

CAO   and

Careers Portal

as they also very useful in identifying course entry requirements.

Students can make an appointment with Ms. Browne Guidance Counsellor to discuss subject choice / other options.