Sixth Year Study Skills
“After coming back from a long school break of nearly 6 months, we all know the return to school has been difficult for all of us students and teachers. We have all had to readjust to our daily school routines. As sixth year students we have had to get back into the swing of things faster than others as we are now in our final leaving cert year. On Monday, the 7th we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to attend a study skills seminar facilitated by Student Enrichment Services Ltd. The study skills talk was hosted by two gentlemen who talked us through studying in general and the easier ways of doing it.
We were provided with a two-and-a-half-hour workshop that provided us with skills to help and prepare us for our leaving cert exam and suggested new
recommendations to us for studying along with some important, useful tips. We touched on aspects such as note taking where we were shown how to take notes in an efficient matter, organization and time management where we were told how we can manage our time in study, homework and exams.
The other aspect, which I found most useful, was the “essentials for success” which are Ambition, Confidence and having a Plan. The workshop was very educational and useful for us exam year students, but not only will this workshop help us prepare for our leaving cert, but we can apply the knowledge we learned in future years when we are in college or working. Overall, it is a well worthwhile experience and if any student gets the opportunity to attend it, I would highly recommend it!”
Joely Doyle and Hannah White, LC2