The leaving cert and Junior cert examinations are due to begin on Wednesday June 3. Please familiarise yourself with the information below before the examinations begin. The State examinations commission has issued the Candidate Information Booklet for Leaving Certificate students which you can access through the following link. Candidate Information Booklet 2019. While this booklet pertains to last year’s examinations, the advice section will be the same. Ignore the timetables. 

For specific instructions to Junior Certificate students in Bridgetown College, please click here.

For general instructions for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert Students in Bridgetown College and also bus leaving times, click here.

Please see the notice board at reception to see what room your centre is in. All Leaving Cert students will be in the gym.

For a simple wall chart with tips to aid with study, please click here.

For a parents checklist to help your son/daughter with their study, please click here.

For some exam relaxation techniques and tips, please click here.