The Student Journal is used primarily by students for recording homework and for recording information for parents. It also provides teachers and parents with a forum for communicating with each other.

Organisation of Class Work

Students should have their journals on their desks at the start of each class and they should take down all homework assignments in their journal. Parents are encouraged to check that homework is being recorded and completed.


Teacher/Parent Communication

Teachers can use the weekly diary section in the journal to comment on a student’s behaviour and/or work rate. They also have at their disposal a range of forms which can be found at the back of the journal. Parents can write a note to a teacher on the relevant day/date in the diary section.

For the journal to be effective, it is essential that parents check the journal on a weekly basis for comments from teachers on homework and behaviour. Parents are asked to sign the journal in the relevant section each week to indicate that they have checked the journal.

Journals may be checked periodically.


Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent teacher meetings happen after school and are generally held in the first term before Christmas. They are a great way to gain a full picture of how your son / daughter is doing at school and attendance is important. It would be very helpful if parents brought their child’s journals to parent-teacher meetings.


Lost or Defaced Journals

Our school journal is an important feature of school life. Students should ensure that their journals are kept in good order. Lost or defaced journals must be replaced within 1 week (Cost €10).


Absence Notes

In accordance with the Education Welfare Act, 2000, if a student is absent from school his/her parent/guardian must inform the school of the reason for the absence. A form for this purpose is provided at the back of the journal. Notes should be presented to the class teacher of the first class on the student’s first day back after an absence. The teacher will then amend the official attendance record. Please note: • If a student is to be absent for a lengthy period a parent / guardian should notify the school. • Persistent poor attendance will be notified to the Education Welfare Officer. • Students who have been absent are responsible for catching up on their own work.


Signing Out

In the event of an emergency we need to be able to account both for those who came to school and for those who left school during the day. If a student needs to leave school during the day for a medical or dental appointment, the Signing Out section at the back of the journal should be completed by a parent or guardian. The student should present the note to his/her teacher at the start of the class they will be leaving. They should go to Reception at the time indicated in the note. A parent/guardian must come to Reception to collect the student and to sign the Signing Out Register. Students who are unwell during the school day should have a note signed by a teacher which they present at the General Office. Parents will be contacted by a member of staff. Students should not use their mobile phones to bypass the system. Note: It is not possible to sign students out during the morning break or during the lunch break as reception is not manned at these times.


Signing In

Parents are asked to complete the Signing In section at the back of the journal if their son/daughter is late for school. If students arrive during the first class of the day they should report to the Deputy Principal’s office to sign in. After first class, students who are late should sign in at the General Office.


Lunch List

If a student lives in the vicinity of the school and wishes to go home for lunch, they may apply to go on the Lunch List. Applications are available in the main office. Students must be supervised when at home by a parent or guardian.


School Uniform

With the exception of PLC students, all other students are required to wear the college uniform. The uniform consists of a v-neck petrol blue jumper with a pale blue stripe, a pale blue shirt/blouse and navy trousers/skirt. All students are obliged to wear plain black shoes or plain navy deck shoes. Footwear should be absolutely plain and without coloured motifs or coloured laces. The uniform is available from the usual outlets: Hores Stores, Shaws and Wallaces. A school jacket is now included in the school uniform. Alternative jackets may not be worn at school.



Bullying is a very serious matter. If a parent / guardian suspects that their son / daughter has been the victim of bullying, they should contact any member of staff and preferably the student’s Year Head as soon as they become aware of the issue. Mobile Phones Rule 12 States that ‘Mobile phones must be powered off and stored in school bags or lockers except during morning and lunch breaks.’ Failure to observe this rule will result in the confiscation of the phone.

Year Heads are as follows:

JC1: Ms Crean

JC2: Ms Codd

JC3: Ms Brennan

LC1: Ms Manning

LC2: Mrs Hannigan