I am delighted to welcome you to Bridgetown College’s website where you can browse, according to your interests, and while doing so, glimpse some of the many and varied educational activities and events which students enjoy in our school throughout the year.

In the course of your visit to our website I believe that you will see that we have high expectations of all our students and that we are ambitious for them. You will see evidence of our commitment to helping students achieve their potential regardless of their strengths or weaknesses.

You will also see that staff in Bridgetown College are committed to realising an inclusive and caring vision. I am confident that as you browse, you will be struck by the warmth, enthusiasm and dedication of our staff. I hope that you will conclude, as I do, that staff in Bridgetown College create a happy and positive environment in which students can thrive.

Please return to this website for news and updates and, if there are ways in which you think this website could be improved, please let me know!


Kind Regards

Fionnuala Greene